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The Product you get is a New & Good working . It produces of cooling and packs a cooling to circulate it throughout your 
area. A Mist Fan is a device used to cooled indoor & outdoor area suited for Events , wedding & Parties .It is quiet and has a robust steel cabinet with simple controls.
The unit has safety cut off protection in the event of over 
misting or output function.


Industrial Stand Fan

Industrial standing fans are not your standard fans when it comes to wind generation strength. These fans move more than 3 times the amount of your household fans. They are also wider in diameter and have a stronger motor. Industrial fans can not only be used for events but also office or warehouse spaces. They too use the same 240v socket to power the fans.


Mist Fan

~ No filter Needed
This Misting Fan uses high speed rotating disc to produce mist.
~ Low Cost
This Misting Fan usually maintenance free. Just plug and play and fill it with water. The units will start cooling right away.
~ No nozzle
Unlike traditional misting system. Misting Fans have no nozzles. No clogging due to minerals from the water after prolong usage. And no additional maintenance cost.
~ No Oil Change
This low-pressure water Mist Fan don’t need a high-pressure pump like Conventional misting pump requires.


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