Air Cooler

Our air cooler designed for large outdoor spaces for ventilation like outdoor event, warehouses, restaurants, school halls and hotel terraces.


AC-250 YF
Air Cooler

Air Flow: 25,000 3/h
Power : 1.5KW/2.2KW
Voltage : 220V/380V
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Water Consumption : 10-20L/H
Water Tank : 20L
Dimension (mm) : 1100 x 1100 x1150 QTY / CBU ( 40 HQ ) : 40 Sets QTY / CBU ( 40 HQ ) : 80 Sets
Net Weight : 65 KGS
Cover Area : 150 -220 M²
Noise : <73DB
Sherll Material : PP Cooling Pad : 5090 /6090

Three Ways
to mount extend coolers


Side Discharge


Top Discharge


Bottom Discharge

Working Principle of Evaporative Air Cooler 

ACS © Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler System is popular for commercial and industrial. It provides 24°C to 26°C fresh air ventilation for the largest enclosed area but consuming the least electricity cost. We have extensive experience in providing supply and end-to-end installation service for many years. We would recommend our industrial evaporative air coolers to be installed with ducting to ensure perfect inflow of cool air and with our Industrial High Volume Exhaust Fan to extract hot air indoor, ultimately creating cooling effect through constant flow of cool air. For industrial evaporative air cooler system, industrial evaporative air cooler unit is sized mainly based on air flow & static pressure. Thus, we have 2 main types of for system which are axial fan and centrifugal fan type of industrial evaporative air cooler.


Evaporative cooling is a very simple air moving system pulls fresh outside air and drives it through the wetted cooling pads. The water in the cooling pads evaporates, bringing down the temperature of the air passing through the cooling pads. The blower then blows the cool air into the room.





Air Flow : :12000m 3/h
Effictive Area :1000 Sqf
Dimensions :1780 x 620x 900mm
Weight :55kg
Speed 3-Speed (High, Medium, Low)
Swing Auto Left & Right, Manual Up & Down
Noise < 55db


Dinner meetings​
Outdoor Exhibitions & Conferences
Outdoor Concerts / Music Festivals
Open Houses
School Events
Sports Days
Outdoor Hotel Events
Product Launchings
Carnivals / Bazaars
Corporate Parties
Property Launchings


Nice appearance of the machine 

❆ Simple & Presentable, good looking
❆ Not bulky, Space-saving

Largest Portable Airflow

❆ S- ACS machines supply 12,000 Airflow
❆ Effective cover area 1,000 sqf/unit

Quality of Products

❆ Output of cooling air temperature of 22oC-28oC
❆ Continuous upgrade & enhancement by ACS


❆ Portability -Easy to move about with rollers
❆ ACS Logistic support – deliver & pick-up at door steps service

Energy Saving

❆ Low consumption of electricity
❆ Saving of resources Environmental protection

After-sale & maintenance service 

❆ ACS Quality - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week standby on-call services

Standby machine turnover of 400 units

❆ Ready to serve Anytime
❆ Flexibility for short notice 

Unlimited Sites

❆ - Water ~ based air
- cooling system
❆ Safety
❆ Quiet 


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